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Natrol DHA Super Strength
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Natrol (incl Laci Le Beau Teas) DHA Super Strength

Product Features

Size: 30 softgels
Natrol dha
Super strength
30 softgels

Product Description

Nutritional Support for the Brain and Nervous System. Only 1 Per day. Supports a healthy brain. Supports brain cell fluidity for healthy cellular comunication. Nutritional support for the brain and nervous system. Helps support eye health. Supplementation with DHA during pregnancy supports visual acuity and cognitive health in infants. DHA belongs to the omega-3 family of essential fatty acids and plays a critical role in the health and well-being of humans. Like all fats, essential fatty acids provide energy for the body; however, the functions of DHA are unique and particularly important for human survival and growth. Specifically, DHA is a fundamental molecule in the structure and activity of the membranse of all cells throughout the body. Molecularly distilled to remove pesticides, PCBs. With Lemon oil.

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