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NEW LOOK - Advanced Beauty Complex for Faster Hair Growth, Beautiful Skin and Strong Nails
Giá: 772,000 VNĐ
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Product Features

Advanced formula that promotes healthy radiant skin, strong healthy looking nails, and silky lustrous hair
Always look your best! Feel beautiful and confident anytime, anywhere
High potency formula made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients allowing for maximum absorbtion
All Natural ingredients, NO artificial colors or flavors, chemical solvents or preservatives found in other brands
50 Tablets per bottle, take 3 tablets per day.

Product Description

Hair, skin and nails are the bodies fastest growing visible tissue. The nutrients that they need often become used up elsewhere in the body due to stress, physical exertion or poor diet. It is impossible to get the nutrients our body needs to look its best, just from our everyday diet.

NEW LOOK by Vivid Nutrition is an advanced formula containing specially combined vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bionutrients necessary to obtain and maintain a healthy, vibrant and youthful look. Healthy, beautiful hair, skin and nails do not happen by accident! It takes good nutrition to keep you looking your best.

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