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WooHoo Natural Extra Strength Lecithin
Giá: 661,000 VNĐ
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Product Features

Extra Strength
High Potency Derived From Nature's Finest Soybeans
Doctor Recommanded
1200 mg purest natural extract
180 softgesl for 3 months supply

Product Description

WooHoo Natural Extra Strength Lecithin is made from natures' finest soybean, improved memory performance, useful effects in a number of neurological, psychiatric and infectious diseases and disorders. Lecithin is an important nutrient found in various foods and available as supplements in many drug and health food stores. Lecithin is among a number of substances derived from soybeans that are being researched for potential health benefits, including lowering the risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. If Lecithin were a drug instead of a natural food, your doctor would probably be prescribing it as beneficial to the Brain, Nervous System, Cardiovascular system, Liver and other vital parts of your body. In fact, no other nutrient does so much in so many ways to improve and preserve good health and youthful vim and vigor.

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